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2nd April 2007.

Writings of Mitt Jeffords

These are a series of messages, dreams and visions given to Mitt Jefford, another wonderful servant of Our Lord, from South Carolina, USA. They are provided courtesy of Mitt and by the lovely couple - Bill & Elaine Cook (

Keep It or Delete It. The Choice is Yours
Vision of the Two Theatres
Vision of the Castle
First Love Versus First Born
Mr Average Christian...
Satan's hitman
Vision of the 4 Angels
Parable of the Fig Tree
The Secret Equation...
The Today and Tomorrow
The Valley of Megiddo - 11th Nov 2007
Bone of My Bones. - 1st Jan 2008
(Vision + personal testimony from his atheism to Christ)

The Two Globes  -10th Apr 2008

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